"I have learned that way down underneath all the busyness, someone waits for us to come home to who we truly are. All it takes is a simple pause to get us in touch with the One who keeps vigil with us – the holy presence."

-- Macrina Wiederkehr

Why should I attend?

The intent of this conference/retreat is to give you time
to reflect on your daily routines and explore ways to align
those rhythms with the rhythm of God's grace-filled presence.

In order to allow time for practice, the schedule offers practical time to consider creating a "rule of life" and offers helpful workshops for exploration. Experiencing this time apart from daily pressure and routines, could be your threshold into new possibilities for nurturing a Transformed life.

To help with focus, Brad Berglund, will lead contemplative style prayers throughout, with music from Taize, Iona, Renovare and more.

First Baptist Church offers a welcoming setting in a central location where we can listen to the voice of God in new ways.